Links and resources to my print and online inspirations

My favorite blogs:

Brown People in Belize – A blog my best friends and I kept during a service trip to Belize in 2010

It Starts With – I’ve been following this blogger for 2 years or so, and always find inspiration from her writing.  She writes about everything from writing, yoga, SF and NY lifestyles, being in tune with yourself and just life in general.  She has a knack for writing exactly what’s on my mind so well.  I’m also taking one of her online courses: content strategy for thought leaders which has been great support and introduction to the online world.

40:20 Vision – A mentorship between women in their 40s and women in their 20s, I’ve found a lot of enlightenment and support from reading this blog.

Skimm News – The most entertaining, concise and worthwhile online news platform there is.

Nomadic Matt – A popular travel site, and my favorite guide for chasing the nomadic dream.

Journeying James – My ultimate guide to exploring the Philippines.  He makes it seem so easy!

Honelife – I’m a variety seeker and proud of it.  Here’s an interesting blog for people who realized they are not only inclined to one passion, one career, or one life path.  Start with this variety seeker quiz and you will be pleasantly surprised.

I’m on My Way – Great travel blog by a Filipino Italian about her ‘nomadic’ lifestyle

Murphy Report a friend’s website and blog focused on events, art, travel and curiosity

I sure hope the above websites don’t mind me referencing them, but I’m sincerely inspired by their stories.  More power and blessings to you!

Books I’ve read recently:

Now That You Have Gone Home by Joyce Hutchison – Recommended by a nun friend, this book has helped me tremendously.  The book shares stories of people going through grief and acceptance.  It’s not too heavy or dramatic, but very intimately shares the pain, loss, confusion and gratitude for the people we love.

Healing After Loss by Martha Hickman – Recommended by a close friend, this book has daily meditations on facing the “new normal” and changes after loss.  I’ve found these meditations quite encouraging, and a warm reminder that it’s ok to feel the way that I do.

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