How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World

Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps

This is an old article, but still one of my favorites. I have it saved in my bookmarks and read it often as a pep talk to myself.  It’s sort of my silver lining through all the changes.

We often tell ourselves, “I’ll be happy when….” (I have a new car, new job, get married etc) or “I’ll feel better about myself when….” (I lose weight, earn more money, have a committed relationship etc). Sure the motivation is great, but what about now?  What about enjoying what life presents to you, right now? It’s easy to question how or why things happen to us, but just as the article emphasizes “because we are alive, everything is possible.”  Easier said than inculcated of course, but still….try to choose to appreciate what life presents instead of being angry or upset about what could be happening.

Difficult as our situation may be right now, these 8 mantras have helped tremendously. I’ve learned not to question, but instead to appreciate how much we have each other (physically and “in spirit”); to put aside the “play it cool ego” and wholeheartedly offer and accept help; and most of all, to practice gratitude because it makes us have enough. Try it, live it, enjoy it.

I hope this article helps you just as much as it helped me.  Consider paying it forward too 🙂

Support lung cancer research

Just read this recent HuffPost article and I can relate to all of it.  It’s all about the statistics and stigma towards lung cancer. It’s so frustrating that even though it is the leading cancer killer, there is very little support, medicine and funding for it.  The stigma and shame associated with it is so unfair.

As soon as lung cancer patients share their diagnosis, the initial reaction is the cancer is a punishment for smoking.  But in reality, most lung cancer patients were never smokers at all. Ugh!  The irony is so frustrating! Why is it that people who chain smoke multiple packs of cigarettes or drugs seldom get sick from it, but people who are very careful about their diet and health end up getting the disease?

Or even medicare, why won’t they help screen for lung cancer?!?

I can sure rant all day, but the reality is the bad cells are already there and it’s all a case of genetics. Still…..I urge you to skim through the links below and do your fair share of research and support on this disease.

Lung Cancer Story article

Lungevity Foundation

Lung Cancer Alliance