Quick Update

Hello World!

I’m not sure if anyone still keeps up with this. I’ve been wanting to update this for awhile, but had a bit of technical issues and life changes.  The big change is: I’m in London! Actually, I’m halfway through my trip now.  Got here in May and will be here until August. I also got myself involved with a few projects, and so not able to update in full detail now.

All I can say is…wow! Talk about change!  I’m going through the whole range of motions – excitement, discovery, sadness, feeling alone, realizations, perseverance, determination, fear, anxiety, courage, hope. Been spending a lot of time by myself, looking inward to clear out the weeds towards growth and renewal. It’s intense, but also refreshing.

Will update more soon, but for now, know that I’ve been thinking about all of you and sending lots of warm hugs and smiles your way.


my own

I used to think love was burning desire, fueled by another

I used to think love needed to be pedestals with compromise

and pain and enmity, followed by intense reconcile

I used to think love was other


Maybe it still is, but now

Now love is more


Love is music

Love is art

Love is adventure

Love is freedom

Love is gratitude

Love is healing

Love is home

Love is You

Love is …..

my own