Thanks for making a difference

It’s been a year of grief, confusion, and fear; but it’s also been a year of healing, renewal, and gratitude. It’s often said that “no matter what, there’s always something to be thankful for.” Not always easy to digest, but it’s definitely manifested for me this year.

A great big hug and THANK YOU to those who helped me regain my smiles and laughter;

to those who never judged, but always listened, consoled and even cried with me;

to those who kept in touch despite the ocean, lousy Internet and time difference in between;

to those who went out of their way to sustain my sense of home and belonging;

and especially to those that never doubt and continually give me hope, love, and strength to chase my crazy dreams.

I can’t thank you enough. and I keep thanking God for you. Have a very blessed and wonderful thanksgiving!!! 😘

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