Prayers for Lolo

So my grandpa has been in the ICU for the past 3 weeks for a severe case of pneumonia. He’s 97, so his case is rather sensitive and he now eats through a nose tube and breathes through a respirator.  He’s been my idol growing up, and I spent my afternoons after school playing with him in his house and listening to his war stories.

I thought of cutting my trip short to see him, but then couldn’t visit him in the ICU anyway. Finally got to see him this weekend and he was sprawled across his bed with many tubes and apparatus tied to him.  He was awake but looked so tired and couldn’t speak with the tube in his mouth.

I offer up this prayer for his continued strength, healing and recovery:

Much love, healing and strength to you Lolo.  May you find the peace within and may you continually be enveloped by God’s caress.  May every blood pressure test, needle, dialysis, breathing tube etc strengthen your body.  May you continue to have a zest for life and the compassionate heart you shared with all of us.  Love you so much Lolo!

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