Finally some solo touring!

Although I started this trip solo, I’ve been with the tour group 24/7 and really needed some time to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, some of them are great company but my roomie, well….she’s more than a handful.  Imagine the brattiest person you know, add a lack of travel experience and pompous white privilege and that’s precisely her.  Not to mention being around her 24/7 🙁 I already complained to the tour guide about her, but understandably, there isn’t much he can do about her.  So I decided to skip the group activities today and explore on my own.  So glad I did because I sure needed the refresh.

First thing I noticed about touring solo – it’s very easy and tempting to take a ton of selfies. I normally avoid them, but what the heck I’m a traveler.  Who cares!

So I went to tour a silk farm, and on the way over my tuktuk driver was excited to show me some cockroach, worm and spider snacks. GROSS!!!!  He had me tried it though, and the tiniest bite I took had be gag immediately.  I suppose if I wasn’t vegetarian it would’ve been more appetizing.


The silk farm was really interesting.  The tour showed how silk was created from cultivating worms, gathering their cocoons, spinning thread (as shown below) and then weaving them into beautiful cloths.


Then I treated myself to a huge lunch and a much talked about fish massage.  The concept sounded weird, but it was actually soothing.  There are huge fish tanks like this…IMG_0904

…and it was $3 for however long you could stand all those little fishies eating the dead skin off your feet. Yikes!  Here’s me trying to look relaxed while eating a coconut with my feet soaked.


Then I just walked around the many shops and markets in Siem Reap, grabbed a beer and chilled by my hotel pool before bed.


Ahhh….thank you! Now I think I’m ready to do some more trips solo (not with a tour group).  Although it can feel weird to walk around an unfamiliar by myself, it was actually refreshing to make the most of it.  Next up – a much awaited tour of Angkor Wat!

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