A part of our tour package is an overnight homestay in farming community called Chambokville.  It was an eye opener for the others, but just like camping for me.

The night we arrived, these kids performed their native dances for us. So so cute!


The families hosted us and let us stay in their Nipa huts.  We slept under mosquito nets in their rooms while they slept in hammocks under their huts. Felt awkward,, but they said they prefer sleeping outside anyway. (Not pictured: outhouses with no toilets, eek!)


The next morning we hiked and bathed in the nearby waterfalls.  I even found a flower crown for myself, how dainty.


Tomorrow we’re going to a beach party town called Sihanoukville. I’m guessing it’s like Boracay, so I’m curious how it compares.


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