Almost a Local

Although, I still deny it I’m pretty much a local again.  Can you believe it? I’ve been here 9 months already. Gggguuuullllpppp!!!

It’s also been 2 months since my last blog post, so I have a lot of updating to do.

I took over the management of a small beach resort.  The project entails everything from repairs and remodeling, hiring staff, setting up an operations and finance system, marketing and advertising,  concierge and guest services etc.  The works! It’s been a good exposure to the ways of the land. Here are a couple photos of the pool and sunset beach:


I’ve also been helping out with my cousin’s wedding styling business. I like that it’s a balance of creativity, art, project management and business.  We’ve decorated weddings with fun themes like travel, rustic, victorian, ethereal, literary etc.  Here are a couple of our designs (will add more later)

296 034

Hmmm…what else? Baguio doesn’t feel like my niche yet, but it’s home for now.  While it’s been great reconnecting with family and childhood friends, the small town mentality can also been stifling at times. I sure miss the independence and variety of people and things to do in the States.

Lastly, I got a REALLY bad eye infection from my contacts.  It’s called corneal ulcer.  It was so bad I could barely open my eye, couldn’t see and a month later, still have blurry vision. It’s been a good wake up call to slow down and make the most of basics. So in case you’re wondering why the lack of communication (blog or otherwise), it’s because I’ve only been able to see half the world lately. Thankfully, it’s gotten better (or I wouldn’t be writing this) but UGH!!! I sure am itching for when I can explore and travel again!

Actually I highly doubt anyone is still keeping up with this blog, but much love folks!

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