New Year Dedications

So I just got a new journal as a Christmas present.  This one’s colorful, compact and potentially easy to use. It immediately served it’s purpose as I find myself sitting in a cafe late at night.  I’ve obviously had a lot happen recently, which also means I’ve also avoided facing my feelings. It’s been 2 weeks since Mom left and it’s only now I finally gathered the courage to write out everything on my mind.

I’ve constantly been replaying images and memories of Mom.  I definitely miss her presence and loving nature.  I’m very grateful for everything about her and constantly wish we had more time together. However, I take to heart some advice Mom had often told me.  It goes…“Rise above the emotionalism and trust that when the road seems foggy someone will be sent to guide you”.  Talk about practical faith.

As the new year beckons, I dedicate my 2015 to celebrate Mom’s profound zest for life.  She was a risk taker, an adventurer, a tireless empath, and a powerful woman of wisdom. I, too, choose to continue a life of unconventional successes; to take risks to follow my heart, and to always trust I will always be guided.

In your memory, Mama, here’s my heart and soul. Thank you for being my Angel.10846212_10204346705325460_7043391556949502071_nadventure awaits

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