Back at our favorite hotel :(

We checked into our “favorite hotel” (as mom sarcastically calls the hospital) again, this time for an overnight chemo treatment.  It’s mom’s first session, so the doctor requested that she stay overnight for observation.  Our hospital, Notre Dame de Chartres, has a fancy newly constructed oncology unit for chemo patients.  It’s quite modern and comfy.  Dad and I lounged on lazy boy chairs and watched a movie during the 2 hours that mom underwent chemo via IV.

Mom, on the other hand, slept through the chemo and even woke up smiling.  That should be a great sign, right? As of now I’m leaving no room for doubt (as always), promise to trust the process, and will keep the firm determination the mom will keep getting better.  In just a few more sessions, her breathing will improve tremendously, we’ll celebrate and perhaps even travel together.  I may be dreaming big, but there’s always room for hope.

Since I’ve been around Mom 24/7 for the past 4 months, I truly feel like I’m going through all the pains, difficulties and lifestyle changes with her.  Almost like I’m sick too.  We’re kindred spirits all the way through.  Tough as it is to see her struggle, I treasure our time through this together.  Although there’s hesitation for what happens next, we continue to celebrate and find comfort in each other.  After all, companionship has sustained us more than anything else.

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