Happy Thanksgiving!

I get the history of it all, but I really do wish Thanksgiving was a universal holiday.  I mean, why not? It makes absolute sense to celebrate gratitude.  It’s one of those American holidays I never really understood fully – a feast of gluttony with an excuse of thanksgiving.  What about the pilgrims and Indians again? Oh yeah, right…..they awkwardly became friends.

I considered preparing our own thanksgiving feast at home.  Just the 3 of us – dad, mom and I – with the usual mashed potatoes, beans, casserole, lasagna and turkey (for dad) but then I realized that the ingredients were too foreign here that it turned out too expensive.  Not only that, but with mom’s selective taste buds and eating habits these days she may not even be able to partake in the feast itself.  So instead, we just had our usual dinner, but this time, expressing our thanks for each other and for the sustenance of life itself.  It turned out more intimate and meaningful, something I’d cherish for its simplicity and significance.

This year, I’m sincerely grateful for life and the relationships I’ve been blessed with.  Even though we’ve been going through a rather difficult time in our life, I can’t say thank you enough for all the genuine concern and support through everything.  I love that we’re all going through this together.

How about you, dear friends and relatives, what are you thankful for? 🙂

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