My paradox of fall and eternal spring

I’m a little sad to be missing fall this year. I always liked the refreshing feeling of seasons changing and life starting anew. Since school starts in the fall as well as being a 3/4ths threshold of the year, it always felt like a good time to do some inner checks and balances. Like an inner rejuvenation of sorts, I liked using this time of the year to refocus on myself and catch up on my goals for the year.

This year, however, I feel out of sync with the lifestyle and geographical changes. Living back in the town of “eternal spring” it feels awfully weird to still be wearing tanks and shorts and not layered sweaters and boots. As much as I enjoy the sunshine, I also miss watching leaves change color and fill the ground. My heart always liked to be in sync with the seasons, watching and feeling as nature changed it’s colors.

I saw a meme earlier that said “I hope there are days that you fall in love with being alive” and I couldn’t stop smiling with how apt those words felt. Even though my changes have been rather cumbersome this year, I have also felt a deeper love, zest and appreciation for life. I haven’t read the Bible in awhile but a friend reminded me of a verse in Philippians 4 that talks about experiencing true peace, love and joy during the toughest trials of our life.
As he describes it “Just like tea, the flavor comes out when it is put in hot water. Instead of it being a discomfort for us, it serves as healing and sweet smelling aroma towards others, to us, and it makes God more present in our life.” Thanks to this, I’ve rediscovered a deeper love and sustenance from the people and things that keep us alive – God, family, friends, sunny days, clean laundry, and of course, yummy treats. Easier said than done of course, but I love the things that give me hope as others seem bleak.

How about you, dear friends? What keeps you in love with life lately?


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