Could it be?

Now that her radiation is over, mom’s pain is more manageable. She’s also been getting daily massages which have strengthened her muscles and made her more energetic. Just 2 weeks ago she could barely move and we practically had to carry her down the stairs and onto her wheelchair. Now she is able to get up and reposition on her own, and prefers her crutches instead of her wheelchair. It’s tremendous progress.

However, as illness goes, if it’s not one symptom there’s always another. Our dilemma these days is her intermittent cold sweats. She often gets sweaty, while also shivering. Then her tummy aches often too. But when we check her vitals – blood pressure, body temp etc – they all appear normal. It’s so weird! Sometimes we have the fan and heater simultaneously on. Other times we go back and forth between changing clothes, sponge baths, massaging her, feeding her, and wrapping her up in many blankets. Her doctor is aware but perhaps another visit is due soon. The first time she had a cold sweat we ended up checking in the hospital, not sure why she still has then after spending a few days there.

Or they say that fever and changing body temperatures is illness leaving the body. Could it be? I sure hope so!

Oh cancer, why do you have to be so awkward and cruel? Sheesh!!!

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