Art Therapy

It got a bit boring at the hospital last week, so I thought I’d try making and coloring a mandala – with crayons no less. Took me sometime but how’s this for art therapy?



I’m second guessing the yellow, but it does make it vibrant.

One thought on “Art Therapy

  1. Hi Milea, It’s Ken and I have been resisting on leaving replies, but this one really inspired me. I know of all the things, but this is simply beautiful. I love the yellow, it screams “i’m beautiful, now look at me” Anyway, you should know that over the past couple of months I have read your blog and my heart has cried for you and has cheered for you. This whole situation is bringing back memories of my best friend going through throat cancer and I only wish she would have had more support. You and your friends and family are simply awesome to stick together… Hang in there and my love and thoughts and prayers are always with you all…Quoting ALS stricken Steve Gleason, “NO WHITE FLAGS”

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