I thank the village

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  In that same vein, given what I’m witnessing now, I would also say that it also takes a village to sustain (and ultimately cure) a sick patient.  For all of you that have reached out to help us, we are very grateful.

Many have asked us why we didn’t force Mom to return to the US for better medical treatments. Although there are many valid reasons for her to be treated there, particularly better medical care, I must say that Filipino hospitality and concern can’t be beat.  In fact, more than anything else, it sustains her.

It’s such a treat to be spoiled by doctors who are personally available 24/7, doctors who immediately come to our home when she is distressed, family that magically procure rare medicine for her, friends who share their groceries, cook for us daily, lend us their cars, go out of their way to visit us from out-of-town (we’ve had friends visit from SF, Indonesia, Japan, distant parts of the Philippines), those always available to take us out for stress relievers and of course those from far away who constantly keep in touch for updates.

In fact, all your support has made a difference on her health.  After spending the past few days in the hospital for tests and a blood transfusion, we discovered that Mom’s tumor has gotten smaller enough to baffle and please her doctors.  She’s a lot stronger and more energetic too.

We are truly blessed and thank the village.

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