Mom tripped and fell last night.  She rushed from bed to the bathroom and tripped on a chair and her crutch.  In her fragile condition now, the fall hurt her really badly.  She has been aching all over and can barely move.  Her ribs, back, hip and legs have been so tender. We called one Orthopedist and he came as quickly as he could, and thankfully she didn’t break any ribs.

So now goes full time care for her.  My dad and I have been taking turns changing her position in bed, pulling her to sit up, feeding her, assisting her to pee, and giving her a bath. Sometimes I do wish I took up nursing, it would really help in times like this.

Still crossing my fingers and keeping a good thought that she’ll keep improving. After all, we have a lot of hope, prayers, love and trust sustaining us. Thanks everyone =)


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