Bittersweet Hospital Reunions

We took Mom for blood tests and a doctor’s consultation yesterday.  Her blood test results turned out so low her doctor didn’t allow her to go home, and sent her to the ER for a blood transfusion. Dad and I hurriedly cooked dinner, packed clothes, and rushed back to the hospital spend the night with her.

I pray for mom to get better quicker.  It’s so hard to see her cry and not know how to help her. It’s even harder to see her when her spirits are so low, it’s like she’s losing motivation to stay awake and keep fighting. Dad too is getting stressed and drained. I wish Mom gains all the strength, breath and spiritual power to keep on……and for all of us to keep on together.

The sweet surprise in all of this is that my brother, Jayson, surprised all of us by showing up at the hospital this morning. He booked and planned his whole trip from San Francisco as a surprise, and had his best friend pick him up and drive him from the airport in Manila. It was coincidental that mom was in hospital right before he arrived, and by golly, it was such a big happy tearful moment when mom woke up at the hospital to see him there. Such a sweet reunion for both of them.

2 days later, Cy came and all 5 of us were in Mom’s hospital room. It was crammed but a good feeling to have us together. Mom was also recharged by having both boys fan and keep her cool while resting.  Check out her big warm smile 🙂


We continue to take things day by day and hang on to the silver linings that give us hope.

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