Cancer sure is tough

The past few days of have been really tough.

On Friday, Mom was short of breath and tired without even getting out of bed.  I guess the pain keeps her up at night.  Then she had lunch with some friends. She enjoyed their company, but later cried because she felt like felt like so many people were going out of their way to support her and she felt like she couldn’t return the favor.  Since she was short of breath and easily tired, it was hard her to keep up with conversation with her friends.  Her medicines have also been affecting her appetite which made the lunch gathering even more uncomfortable. Sigh….I hate witnessing stages of depression.  It was so hard to see her cry or even try to console her.

Dad and I are also at our wit’s end trying to cook something she would actually eat, keeping her spirits up and trying to help her with her pain. So today, we bought her an oxygen tank to help with her breathing.  It sure did, Mom tried it for 10 minutes and was energized the rest of the day. It was a little victory, but at this stage, we find that very encouraging.


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