The chills :(

Mom had an episode of the chills today. It was quite scary.

After taking a shower, she cleaned the bathroom a little.  Then we cooked lunch and cleaned up the kitchen together.  Given her condition, doing all of that right after each other took a lot of effort and of course, wore her out.  She got so exhausted she couldn’t breathe and was literally shaking from the chills.  Then she started panting and couldn’t even open her eyes. Yikes! So dad and I wrapped her with an electric blanket, then really tried our best to massage and keep her blood circulating.   It took a bit of time, but we were so happy and relieved when she finally got back to normal. Then she napped and felt a lot better by the evening.  Whew!

From now on, no big efforts for you, Mom.  Don’t even think about it.

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