Home is where the heart is…in Seattle.

I’ve always had a bit of a struggle defining “home” for myself.  Is it where I was born (Baguio), where I grew up (Seattle), or where my family and I currently live (San Francisco)? Add a confused sense of nostalgia, identity, and affiliation and there goes my life story.  I eventually realized that my “home” is simply a sum of all of the places and people I’ve shared a part of my heart with.

The past few days in Seattle reinforced that sense of home. Although I’ve been away for the past 8 years, this city always welcomes me back with such love.  Every return trip there has been more and more fulfilling, every departure more and more difficult. This trip was such a treat from beginning to end — friends went out of their way to fly me up, freed up their busy schedules to reunite, set up a BBQ at the beach, brunch and dinner at my favorite restaurants, drinks at the bowling alley, and even happy hour right before my flight back to San Francisco.  Sigh…..I really wish I could have stayed longer (or even forever). 

I literally spent the last hour crying over how supportive everyone has been.  The past few weeks have felt like the world stretched out its arms to hug me, I am at a loss of words how great it feels and how I can even return the kindness done for me.

In the meantime, here are some photos of such a special trip:


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