Embracing Change

Change is rarely easy or comfortable or direct. It’s weird and sloppy and full of undiscovered variables and unknown self-reactions. But it’s inevitable. Your life and this world will always change. As for more? Well, I prefer to embrace it. I let go of things I can’t control. I keep moving forward but know I might make detours before arriving at my destination. And I look forward to experiencing and learning treasures along the way.

Karl the Fog, SF

We matter more than we realize

Someone once told me “If you’ve enjoyed my company 1/100th as much as I enjoyed yours, I think I did pretty well.”  At first I thought it to be a rather exaggerated comment from an acquaintance I barely knew, but in retrospect, I really am grateful for the sincerity and gratitude it stems from.  Sadly (and probably ironically) it was mentioned by a coworker I’ve lost touch with, but still someone I am grateful to have known and spent time with.

As time comes closer for me to move, and as time with close friends runs limited I’ve been thinking a lot about human connections, our multitude of responsibilities with each other and the nuances of the roles we play.  It’s easy to forget how much of an impact we have on each other. Whether we interact as coworkers, as acquaintances, as friends, as family, it is important to remind ourselves that we matter more than we realize. Although there are always risks, heart aches, anxiety and changes through life it is always refreshing to remind ourselves (and each other) that we are blessed with people to love and sustain us through it all. After all, that is what genuinely keeps us alive.



Spirit of Possibility

The war you feel within – that restlessness, the undending uncertainty – is not to be dismissed, avoided, hated. That internal conflict is not dark, it is a beaming light trying to focus you, the rolling thunderous call of courage, the rays of greatness seeking to explode beyond your skin to touch once more the Spirit of Possibility. (Brendon Burchard)

Cheers to new beginnings! Welcome to my new blog on my everyday inspirations and adventures.  I’m about to begin a big leap of faith – quitting my job for family and travel – and this quote seemed very apt to describe the restlessness and change stirring within me. It’s sure to be a process of learning and living (as life always is), but I am not leaving room for doubt or fear. Just hope, trust and satisfaction.