About Me

I keep a constantly positive outlook on life, even if it hurts to do so.

I believe in dreaming big and seizing all that life has to offer.

I define my own successes and find comfort in unconventional norms.

I thrive on love, hope and possibility.

Most of all, I finally gathered up the courage to begin my next phase of life

Born and raised in the city of Baguio, Philippines. I moved to the United States at the age of 15, spent 8 of my teenage and college years in Seattle, then spent 8 years working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve just begun the next chapter of my life, finally pursuing my dreams of self and world exploration.

Although the catalyst was rather sad and difficult, I decided to take a career break to care for my mother, who retired in the Philippines and passed away from cancer.  While on this break, I am also focusing on personal enrichment and rebuilding my career skill set.

Join me as I chronicle my experiences of:

– returning to hometown after 16 years of being away

– coming to terms with my mother’s illness and passing

– re-adjusting to life in the Philippines after living in the United States

– researching, planning and pursuing travel

– adding to my career tool box and skill set

– experimenting with art, craft and writing

In continuing my exploration, I decided to pursue 3.5 months of intense self and career development in London from May-August 2016.  Although this trip is more about reviving the spirit within, it will definitely include lots of travel discoveries.  Can’t wait to update!

I look forward to your feedback as well.  Please take a minute to leave some comments.

Cheers to life!